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Suspending COM operations

We regret to inform you that STS.Bet Limited will cease to provide betting services to its international customers from 14.02.2023. We’re no longer accepting deposits/registrations from this point onwards, but you will still be able to play our casino games and place sportsbook bets or withdraw funds until our final date of operations.


Why is stsbet.com suspending?

 STS.Bet Limited keeps monitoring the economics and business regulatory environment. The Company decided to suspend its .COM operations for a variety of reasons. 

I have bets that need to be settled after 14th February 2023, what will happen to them?

 Bets that are due to settle after 13th February 2023 will be voided and the stake returned to your account. 


I have an unused free bet/bonus in my account, what will happen to it?

Any unused free bets or bonus funds in your account must be redeemed before 13th February 2023, at which point they will be forfeited.


Until when do I have access to my account? Can I place bets? Can I withdraw my funds?

You will continue to have full access to your account, with full functionality (except for depositing and registering new accounts), up until 14th February 2023. Until that date, you are still able to place bets or play casino games. All withdrawals will be processed as normal up until the closing date and can be made on the stsbet.com website. For any withdrawals after this date, please see below.

How can I withdraw my funds?

In the period of 16th January to 13th February (included), you can log into your STSbet account and withdraw your funds via the withdrawals page using any of the methods that were used to make an initial deposit or bank transfer. In some circumstances, verification may be required in order to confirm your identity. Please note that during this period of time, when we may see an increased number of requests, your withdrawal may take longer than usual to process.


What would happen If I wasn’t able to request a withdrawal before 14th February 2023 and I still have funds in my account?

  After 14th February 2023, you can also request a withdrawal by contacting our Customer Support team (support@stsbet.com