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As per current legal obligations, you are required to fill in multiple details in relation to your identity, age and address at the registration stage. Our task is to verify provided details when considered necessary. Therefore, at some point we might ask you to upload copies of the following documents:

We might ask you to provide copies of: 

  1. A valid Passport, National Identity Card or Driving Licence;
  2. A picture of yourself holding your ID, Passport or Driving Licence;
  3. A proof of address issued within the last six months: utility bill (gas, electric, satellite television or a landline phone bill), bank statement, home insurance, payslips, local authority council tax, your tax demand or any official letter from a governmental institution.


Please note that we do not accept mobile phone bills, mobile internet bills or any documents issued by healthcare facilities.

We will always require two separate documents to prove your identity and address; a single document can not cover both requests. Keep in mind that no matter the document provided, the issuing institution name, company's logo, issuing date, customer's name and surname, as well as the current address must always be included.

Due to security reasons, any documents should always be uploaded to the player account: My Profile -> Documents.

In addition, to assure our customers' funds are secure, we might request you to provide further documents proving your identity and ownership of used payment methods at any later stage in line with our security standards.   


Further document requests 

At a certain level of activity, we may ask our customers to provide us with some additional documentation.

Examples of pictures we accept:

A photo with the ID next to the face — ID cannot be obscured, and it should not cover your face. The picture cannot also be mirrored. Kindly note that the ID must be photographed together with a sheet of paper where the STS name and the current date are visible.


Photos of your bank cards — the first six and last four digits should be visible on both; front and back of your bank card pictures. You should also obscure the CVV code on the back of your card. Kindly note that a card must be signed.



Proof of address should be not cropped and all four corners of the document have to be visible.

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